Ryann Funk is an aspiring icon and legend with a passion for all things media, pop culture, and art. 
She is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Communication at Purdue University.
An alumna of the University of Washington in Art and Communication, she graduated with Honors and was a 3-time Annual Dean's List and scholarship recipient. In 2020, Ryann became certified in Music Industry Essentials from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU. 
When she's not re-watching a season of RuPaul's Drag Race for the 50th time or documenting her journey through every city of the Real Housewives via Twitter thread, Ryann loves to fill her weekends with creative adventures with her peers in the Seattle art and music scene. 
Ryann is a frequent collaborator with Seattle-based production company, Giiirlband, and has worked behind and in front of the camera for a handful of local PNW artists including Ben Zaidi, i///u, TyeLeah, Archie, and Zenais.

Located in the Greater Seattle area.
Contact directly for inquiries - email or LinkedIn only.