Ryann Funk is an aspiring icon and living legend from the Greater Seattle Area, who finds her home at the intersection of communication and art.

A truly educated queen -- Ryann is an alumna of the University of Washington where she did a double major in Communication and Art with Honors She is also a 2022 graduate of Purdue University, with a Master of Science in Communication.

After leaving behind a 10-year competitive dance career to pursue higher education, Ryann has since begun progressing toward her passion for helping other creatives bring their dreams into reality. From managing activations at university shows to leading local artists' PR and creative communication campaigns, Ryann is always looking for her next creative endeavor.

Ryann became certified in Music Business from NYU in 2020. With the ultimate life goal of creatively directing live experiences in the music industry, she hopes to one day be able to create the same life-long memories and experiences for music fans that she has had as a fan standing in the GA pit.

Ryann is a frequent collaborator with Seattle-based production company, Giiirlband, and has worked behind and in front of the camera for a handful of local PNW artists including Ben Zaidi, i///u, TyeMaxx, Archie, Zenais, Chelle, and Samara Lennoxx.

LocatedĀ in the Greater Seattle area.
Contact directly for inquiries - email or LinkedIn only.